What kind of work requires a building permit?

Thanks for asking! Residential and commercial building permit information is listed on the Quick Reference Page

Quick Reference Page

How do I find information on programs and/or events in the Township?

By watching for our Recreation Newsletter, mailed out 2-3 times per year, calling Recreation at 724-695-0500 ext. 240 or 241, or by checking right here on our website under Events or Parks & Recreation or Activity Center.

How do I get a Recycling Cart?

Recycling Carts are available at the Municipal Building in Clinton - Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If you are moving into a new construction, one Recycling Cart is issued to you for free. Carts are assigned to addresses, so there should already be a cart at existing residences. Additional or replacement carts are also available for $20. Be sure to contact Waste Management to arrange an account to have your trash and recycling collected. Waste Management's telephone number is 800-866-4460.

Who does snow removal on Route 30?

PennDOT is responsible for all maintenance for Route 30, including road repair and snow removal.

How many miles of roads are Township owned?

45.07 miles. We also have private roads, County roads and State roads within our Township.

How do I get information on availability and costs for reserving the Activity Center in Imperial?

At this time, the Activity Center is not available to be reserved online. You must stop into the Municipal Building in person or call Laura at 724-695-0500 ext. 241.

How do I make a pavilion reservation?

Residents, resident groups and businesses can begin reserving pavilions on the first Saturday in February. Reservations on that date are IN PERSON at the Municipal Building only. After that date, reservations can be requested online, in person or by calling 724-695-0500 ext. 241. The Recreation & Sports Complex at Leopold Lake Pavilion can only be reserved in person or by phone. At this time, we are not taking online requests for that pavilion. Non-residents, non-resident groups and businesses can begin reserving pavilions after April 1st.


How do I reserve a ballfield?

At this time, ballfields are not available to be reserved online. Please contact Stephanie at 724-695-0500 ext. 240.

I put 1271 Route 30 into my GPS to come to the Municipal Building and now I'm in Beaver County - help!

Unfortunately, there are two 1271 Route 30 addresses - one in Beaver County and our address in Allegheny County. When entering the address into GPS, do not use "Clinton" for the city - use "Findlay Township". That should take you to the correct address for our Municipal Building. We are located very close to the intersection of Route 30 / Clinton Road / Washington Road - there is a traffic light and the Clinton Post Office at that intersection. If you're still lost, give us a call at 724-695-0500, we'll get you to our building.

Who is responsible for snow removal on Old 978? (Enlow Road)

Old 978 is owned by Allegheny County. Up until last year, Findlay Township performed snow removal under contract with the County. Allegheny County recently restructured their snow contracts and resumed responsibility for all maintenance on Old 978, including snow removal.

My street light is out, who should I call?

For street lights that are out or flickering, call the Township at 724-695-0500. If you can get a pole number, that is helpful, otherwise we'll need an address of the pole's location.