The Board of Supervisors will hold their Regular meeting on Wednesday, August 9, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. On the agenda is a Clinton Park Eagle Scout Project presentation by Colton Romano; yearly update presentation by the Western Allegheny Community Library; revised Final Land Development for Lot #8, Arthur Court for a 222,846 sf office/warehouse; Ordinance #445 – Restricted motor vehicle length on Robinson Road; Resolution 2023-19 – 2023 Comprehensive Plan as recommended by the Planning Commission; Resolution 2023-20 – Notice to be included in program years 2024-2026 CDBG Program; Resolution 2023-21 – Deed of Dedication for Arthur Court; request from DRB Homes to release building permits for Lots 108-109 in The Abbey; and petition from residents on Garden Lane for speed humps.


The Board will hold an Executive Session prior to the Regular meeting to discuss personnel issues.