*Recreational Fires/Open Burning

Findlay Township follows the guidelines set forth by the Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD) regarding recreation fires and/or open burning. The ACHD defines open burning as any fire or combustion from which air contaminants pass directly into the open air without passing through a flue. It also includes any fire or combustion that occurs in a chiminea, fire pit, outdoor fireplace or grill. The only materials that are allowed to be burned are clean wood, propane or natural gas except for charcoal, used only for cooking, or commercially available fire logs, paraffin logs or wood pellets. Paper or commercial smokeless fire starters may only be used with clean wood to start a fire. All fires need to be kept a minimum of 15 feet from a neighboring dwelling or inhabited area, property line, roadway, sidewalk, or public access way. A responsible person needs to be present at all times while a fire is burning. Make sure to extinguish all coals prior to turning in for the night. Always keep a garden hose or fire extinguisher with 10 feet of any fire. If a nuisance fire is reported, and the police or fire departments respond, they have the legal authority to have the fire put out in their presence.

Please remember to be considerate to your neighbors who may have asthma or other respiratory issues. Smoke can be an irritant and worsen their issues, especially during times of high heat and humidity. For more information and additional requirements, please stop by the Findlay Township Municipal Building, click these links for Open Burning Fact Sheet and Open Burning in Allegheny County or  CLICK HERE to visit the ACHD website regarding Open Burning in Allegheny County.

In September 2020, Allegheny County announced they have a new interactive complaint system through GOVQA. It allows residents to enter complaints and they can upload pictures, videos and weblinks. Once signed up and a complaint is entered, you can follow the progress of the complaint and email directly with Allegheny County. For issues regarding Air Quality, CLICK HERE.

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