Military Banner Program

Findlay Township is proud and excited to be participating in a program that honors those who have served, or are serving, in the United States military.  Perhaps you have seen some of our heroes displayed near the Municipal Building in Clinton, on Main Street in Imperial and on Cranbrooke and Old Ridge in Westbury.

This program allows Findlay Township residents to pay tribute to their family members and friends who have served, or are currently serving in the military by posting a banner with their military hero’s photo(on both sides), dates of service, medals of valor, and where they served.  Banners will be proudly displayed through the year.

The package price will be $140 which includes: 1- 24”x36”double sided banner (with bracket) hung in one of the three areas mentioned above and 2- 12”x18” personal family yard banners.  EFFECTIVE 2-1-21: 1-24"X36" double sided banner ONLY (with bracket) for $110 and additional yard banners available for $20 each. Participants can come to the Township municipal office to fill out an application form and have a photo of your choice scanned or print the application from CLICK HERE and bring the completed application along with a photograph. The Township is partnering with HTM Designs, who for over ten years has been preparing military personnel banners and assisting municipalities and VFW’s/American Legion’s, and other military organizations with publicly paying tribute to those who have given so much.

Once the application, photograph and payment is submitted to the township, HTM Designs will prepare the banner for your approval. After approval, it takes approximately a month to have the banner made and sent to the township for installation.  

For more details go onto to view banners from other participating communities.  The Findlay Township page of heroes is located at: