Real Estate Tax Office

​FOR FINDLAY PROPERTY OWNERS: On April 23, 2020 the Board of Supervisors passed Resolution 2020-16 which extends the Discount Period for the 2020 Findlay Township Local Tax to July 31, 2020. This is for local property (Real Estate) taxes only for the 2020 tax year. 
Findlay Township Real Estate is taxed by Allegheny County, West Allegheny School District and Findlay Township. The Findlay Township Real Estate Tax Collector collects taxes for Findlay Township and West Allegheny School District. Properties will be assessed at their full fair market value. To arrive at your tax - multiply the assessed value times the millage.
  • West Allegheny School District Tax: Millage - .0185 (Adopted June 19, 2019. No Change to Millage Rate for 2019-2020 Budget)
  • Findlay Township Tax: Millage - .0016 (2020 - still in effect, initially adopted December 26, 2013) View resolution online (PDF).
  • Allegheny County Tax: Millage - .00473

For the Allegheny County Real Estate Website - click here
For Allegheny County Real Estate Tax Forms (Act 50 and Act 77) - click here

West Allegheny School District

West Allegheny School District Tax bills dated and mailed for July 1. 2% discount for two months. 10% penalty 4 months from statement date. Installment Payment Plan due dates are August 31, September 30 and October 30.