The Board of Supervisors may adopt ordinances in which general or specific powers of the township may be exercised. All ordinances prior to passage must be advertised in a newspaper of general circulation at least 60 days and no less than 7 days prior to being adopted. During this advertised time, the general public can provide comments as to the content of the proposed ordinance or provide comments at the public hearing advertised.

Zoning & Subdivision Ordinances

The Township's Zoning and Subdivision and Land Use Development are now available on-line in PDF format. The following Zoning Ordinance files are the latest revision, reprinted in May, 2020.

Zoning Ordinance

The Township Zoning Ordinance is comprised of text and maps that provide the legal parameters for how land can be used in the community, as well as the land use's intensity, size, etc. Zoning is a way for the township to exercise its "police powers" to protect the health, safety and welfare of the community.

The zoning ordinance was last revised November 2019 through Ordinance 428.

Zoning Ordinances

Amendments since Last Revision

Overlay Maps

Maps / Zoning Ordinance Overlay Maps are not scanned in high definition.   

Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance

Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance was last revised through November 2019.

Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance

Logging Ordinances