Township History

Intent of the Township leaders
The township leaders have clarified the process of land development in Findlay. They expect to exercise controls which attract the highest quality businesses to the community. The more then 3,000 acres of open land in and around the airport property are a valuable resource for future airport generated development.

The township leaders recognize the opportunity to shape a new urban landscape where streams and open space are integrated with corporate structures of great size. The scale of the available land encourages a broad approach with long range planning for quality development patterns.

Current Land Use
The Pittsburgh International Airport owns slightly more than 8,000 acres in the northern half of the township. This tract of land comprising 39% of the township is administered by the Allegheny County Department of Aviation. With the advent of the Midfield Terminal Complex in the fall of 1992, a great deal of expansion has occurred at this site.

The airport expressway has modified traveling patterns for the residents of Findlay. The airport complex is within a 5 to 10 minute drive for the majority of the township's residents. The link of population centers in Westbury and Clinton is enhanced by the route of the airport expressway. Plans are underway for expansion of air cargo facilities along with a master plan of the airport calling for increased development in hotels and support facilities as well as runway additions.

Vast portions of privately owned land in Findlay also are currently open, agricultural or undeveloped. More than half of the privately owned land in the township is currently not developed. A good percentage of this vacant land occurs in large contiguous parcels which gives Findlay and its land owners a significant planning advantage. Act 537 (Sewage Facilities Planning) updates and transportation studies (inclusive of the Findlay Connector / Southern Beltway) will certainly have an impact on the population growth in Findlay from this point to the turn of the century.

Population Centers
There are many population centers within Findlay:
  • Clinton in the west along U.S. Route 30
  • Imperial in the east along U.S. Route 30 near its junction with U.S. Route 22
  • The Montour Run Corridor where Westbury Subdivision, Aten Road, and the Regional Industrial Development Corporation (RIDC) Park West complex
Imperial is by far the largest with neighborhoods of residential streets and a central shopping and business district.

Other Population Centers & Their Uses
The remainder of the residential and business land uses intermittently line the roads of the township with strong evidence of a tendency to radiate from the three population centers. 

Access to the privately owned land area south of U.S. Route 30 has effectively been blocked since the Airport began to grow in the 1950's. Because of the Airport's location in the north central portion of the township, few north/south roads lead into the heart of Findlay Township. Only State Route 30 and the Potato Garden Run Road span the township as uninterrupted east/west routes.

As a result, the township has been isolated from the major regional transportation routes, with the exception of the airport expressway, and has remained largely rural in character. Most township residents live in one of the three population centers: Clinton in the west, Imperial in the east, or in the Westbury subdivision at Aten and McClaren Roads in the north. Situated between these three population concentrations are vast stretches of sparsely settled, farmed, and reclaimed strip-mined land.

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