Truck Safety Inspections

Since May 1999, the Findlay Township Police Department has had 2 officers that have been certified as truck inspectors by their attendance at a 2 week state training program. The officers were state certified to conduct tractor-trailer and truck inspections to ensure the safe operation of trucks and tractor-trailers within Findlay Township. Our truck inspection unit issues both citations and out-of-service violations during the course of inspections. Out-of-service violations are when the vehicle is considered unsafe to be operated on the roads within Findlay Township, at which time the truck is parked and put out of service. Truck inspections are done randomly once a month. Citizens who have any complaints in reference to specific trucks or truck traffic should contact the Findlay Township Police Department and request to speak with one of our Certified Truck Inspectors, Sergeant Tom Downing or Officer Pat Zilles. Keep in mind that inspections are normally done on a random unannounced basis.