Terrorism Awareness

Terrorism awareness is everyone's responsibility. In order to provide homeland security, we all must get involved. In this day and age every citizen should possess the ability to identify a suspicious or potentially unlawful act. The general public can be very helpful in the fight against terrorism. By reporting suspicious activity, civilians can aid law enforcement by identifying potential threats. If you see or know of suspicious or unusual activity, you may report it to one of the following agencies:
  • Findlay Township Police Department: 724-695-7777 or 911 if the incident is an emergency
  • The U.S. Department of Homeland Security: 202-282-8000
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation 412-432-4000
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.): 866-347-2423
  • Transportation Security Administration: 866-289-9673 (To report specific violations and concerns about transportation security)
  • Pennsylvania State Police: 888-292-1919