As of October 26, 2022, due to Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court decision that the Accessibility Standards adopted under Section 304(a)(3) of Act 45 of 1999, as amended from time to time, is unconstitutional.

The Court’s opinion may be found here: 479MD21_10-26-22.pdf (

The following is the guidance as put forth from the PA Department of Labor and Industry:

On October 26, 2022, the Commonwealth Court issued an opinion in Pennsylvania Builders Association v. Department of Labor and Industry, which permanently enjoined enforcement of the 2021 accessibility updates to the Uniform Construction Code. As such, effective immediately, you must cease all enforcement of the 2021 accessibility standards. Since the 2018 accessibility standards were in effect before December 25, 2021 and were unchallenged, all structures must still comply with the 2018 accessibility requirements.

Please be advised that the Court’s decision does not affect enforcement of the non-accessibility requirements of the Uniform Construction Code.


All projects that must comply with the Accessibility provisions of the PA UCC must follow the 2018 I-codes including Appendix E of the International Building Code. 


All projects must now comply with the following code as adopted by the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code:

•2018 International Wildland-Urban Interface Code

•2018 ICC Performance Code for Buildings and Facilities

•2018 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code

•2018 International Fuel Gas Code

•2018 International Mechanical Code

•2017 Allegheny County Health Department Article XV, Plumbing Rules and Regulations

•2018 International Fire Code (adopted by reference ONLY)

•2018 International Building Code (with amendments)

•2018 International Existing Building Code (with amendments)

•2018 International Energy conservation Code (with amendments)

•2018 International Residential Code (with amendments)

The full list of amendments can be found here:

Per the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code, Act 45 0f 1999 as amended, Section 304 (c) Prior permits, contracts and construction Item 4 “Where a design or construction contract was signed before the effective date of regulations for a subsequent Uniform Construction Code or International Fuel Gas Code issued under this Act, the permit may be issued under the Uniform Construction Code or International Fuel Gas Code in effect at the time the design or construction contract was signed if the permit is applied for within six months of the effective date of the regulation or the period specified by a municipal ordinance, whichever is less.”

Should you have any questions regarding the new code adoption please reach out to the Findlay Township Inspectors at 724-695-0500.


Building permits are required for the following commercial and residential projects in Findlay Township: new construction and additions, remodeling and alterations (with the exception of residential remodeling and alterations that do not involve structural changes or changes in the means of egress), decks (where the floor of the deck is more than 30 inches above grade-a zoning permit only is still required for decks less than 30 inches above grade), and swimming pools (both in-ground and above-ground pools with water depth greater than 2 feet). PLEASE NOTE: Findlay Township does not require Contractor or Business Licenses, however proof of Worker's Compensation Insurance is required. 



Building permits are also required for all commercial detached miscellaneous use/utility structures such as garages, carports, greenhouses, storage sheds, etc. A building permit may or may not be required for a residential use/utility structure depending on the type of residence the structure is accessory to and the size of the structure. Building permit fees are based on the square footage of the proposed construction.

Construction Inspection

All construction is inspected by the Findlay Township Inspection Department for compliance with the 2015 I-Codes. If you are not sure if your project requires a building permit, please contact the Findlay Township Building Inspection Department at 724-695-0500 before you start construction. 

 AT 724-695-0500 X 250 OR X 258

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