The township's administration is paid staff appointed by the Board of Supervisors. The elected Board of Supervisors forms the legislative component of the system. There are 3 supervisors elected for 6 year terms, as prescribed by the Pennsylvania 2nd Class Township Code.

Other boards, commissions, agencies and staff assist in the operation of the Township according to powers delegated to them by the Board of Supervisors or by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Organizational Chart of the Township illustrates the current organization of all departments, volunteer boards and agencies which comprise the Board's Administrative function.
Findlay Township Organization Chart
The Township Administrative Office is staffed with a Township Manager, Assistant Township Manager, Secretary / Treasurer, Administrative Secretary, and a part-time Receptionist. The Township Manager is the chief administrative officer of the township and reports directly to the Board of Supervisors. The Manager is responsible for the general management of the township including the activities of all departments, preparation and administration of the budget, scheduling and attending all meetings, preparing all agendas for meetings, financial reporting and administering all leases and agreements.

Manager's Responsibilities
The Manager is supported with an administrative staff. The Assistant Township Manager is responsible for personnel and daily activities when the Township Manager is not available. Regular responsibilities including assisting with day-to-day operations, budget preparation assistance, labor negotiations, public relations, and intergovernmental relations.

Secretary & Treasurer's Responsibilities
The Secretary/Treasurer oversees all of the office functions. Those functions include word processing, payroll, issuance of permits (non-construction), accounting and bookkeeping and various similar duties. The Administrative Secretary assists the Secretary / Treasurer especially in the area of payroll. The Receptionist handles the person and telephone traffic for the administrative office. In most cases, the Receptionist is the initial friendly voice on the phone line.

Further Information
The Administrative Office is here to serve the general public in the best possible way. For additional information, call 724-695-0500.