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The Public Works Department is responsible for the paving and maintenance of 41 miles of Township roads and two bridges. Other maintenance responsibilities are listed below. The Department is staffed by a full time Director and full time crew of eight.

The Board of Supervisors each serve as Road Master for designated portions of the Township: Tom Gallant for Imperial, Janet Craig for Westbury and the RIDC, and Ray Chappell for Clinton.

Storm Sewers

The Public Works Department maintains the Township’s storm water systems. This is year 12 of the Township’s mandatory involvement with Phase II of the Federal Storm Water law known as the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, or NPDES II. For further information, please refer to the following links: Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the Environmental Protection Agency. This year the Township will continue inspecting storm water out-falls and testing run off water where required by the law. This may require entering private property on occasion. Permission to enter private property will be requested from any property owner where there may be a need to determine a source of substances entering the storm sewers unless there is an existing storm sewer easement. The Township is required to inspect 25% of storm water out-falls annually.

Elimination of pollution in the storm sewer system requires the assistance of all residents. Please remember that storm sewer inlets are not disposal sites for animal waste, grass clippings, leaves, paint, paint thinner, gasoline, or engine oil, to name a few. Dumping these substances into storm sewers is illegal and harms the waterways that receive storm water run off. Additionally, many of the illegally dumped items can cause damage to underground storm sewer facilities requiring expensive repairs that are paid for by you, the taxpayer.

Traffic Signs and Street Markings

The Public Works Department maintains traffic and street signs as well as street markings such as lane markers, caution and stop stencils, parking lots, and cross walks. Traffic sign vandalism is costly to the taxpayer because replacement is labor intensive and signs are expensive. If you are aware of vandalism, please report it to the Township Police Department at 724-695-1300.

The Federal Government published the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. This manual has been adopted by PADOT as the guide to all traffic control signs and devices. Within this manual are new, brighter, reflectivity standards for traffic signs and street name signs. Over the next few years you will see newer, brighter signs installed throughout the Township. To cut costs, Public Works is applying new sign faces to existing aluminum sign backs, saving over 50% of the cost of installing all new signs.

Snow Fighting

The Public Works Department is responsible for snow and ice control for 41 miles of Township roads. Additionally, the Department is under contract for snow and ice control for 18.81 miles of State roads and 4.7 miles of County roads.

When snow or ice is forecast, the Public Works Department activates its Comprehensive Snow Plan. Exactly what measures are taken during the weather event depends on the amount of precipitation involved, what precipitation is predicted to fall, the temperature, and the expected duration of the storm.

Both snow plowing and salt-spreading operations help control winter road hazards. The effectiveness of salt depends on traffic volume, pavement type (concrete or asphalt), shaded areas and temperature. Salt is less effective when the temperature dips below 25 degrees (F) and may have no effect at all in very cold temperatures. At these lower temperatures, liquid calcium chloride is sprayed on the rock salt allowing it to be more effective .

Not all roads within the Township are maintained for snow and ice control by the Public Works Department. Questions about the following roads or highways should be directed to the agencies responsible:

PA DOT District #11 412-429-5000

Route 376, Airport Expressway
Business 376 to Moon
Route 30
Cork Bocktown Road

Allegheny County:
Allegheny County
Public Works Garage 412-350-4005

Cliff-Mine Road

Residents are reminded that the depositing of snow from driveways and sidewalks onto the street is illegal. Additionally, liability for accidents caused by snow deposited onto the street by a resident or person hired by a resident falls to that resident.

The Findlay Township Public Works Department personnel possess a variety of skills and are often called upon to perform maintenance and construction tasks for various Township facilities including the parks and municipal buildings. The Department also provides reimbursed support to the Findlay Township Municipal Authority.

Federal regulations regarding the hours of service for Commercial Truck Drivers, (CDL) took effect in January of 2004. Municipal drivers were not exempted from these regulations with the exception of emergency situations, snow storms for example. Information about these rules are at

Street Sweeping

Each spring, as weather permits, all township roads receive a visit from our street sweeper to collect winter’s debris. In the fall the sweeper is again dispatched. Additionally, the sweeper is available to clean up excess road debris on a case by case basis. The sweeper uses a water supply to control dust, therefore the sweeper is not available when the ambient temperature is below freezing.

This Year

For the year 2014 the focus of the Department will be using our resources on routine maintenance of roads based on priority of conditions.

Public Works Capital Improvement projects for 2014 include:

1. RIDC Park West Drive, Phase II and Technology Drive are to be milled and overlayed.

2. McClaren Road will be repaved.


Contact Information 

The residents of Findlay Township are the eyes and ears of the Township. Please feel free to contact the Public Works Department with any concerns about maintenance issues at 724-695-2801 or e-mail the Director at  After hours emergency road or storm sewer situations should be brought to the attention of the Police Department at 724-695-7777.




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