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The Earned Income Tax (EIT-Current) for Findlay Township is a 1% tax levied on the earned income and net profits of Findlay Township residents, and as defined by Ordinance No. 159 and Act 511 of 1965, non residents. Jordan Tax Service is Findlay Township's Act 32 EIT-Current tax collector, as part of the Southwest Tax Collection Committee. Any resident of Findlay Township, whether they own their home or rent, along with the appropriate non-resident, as defined by ordinance No. 159 and Act 511 of 1965, are liable for the Earned Income Tax payment. There are no exemptions because of age or limited earnings. Income subject to the tax includes, but is not limited to, wages, salaries, commissions, bonuses, incentive payments, fees, tips, and other forms of compensation received. In addition, all self-employed residents are subject to the tax based on net profits from the operation of a business and/or profession.

Every employer with a place of business in Findlay Township is required by Act 32 to deduct the 1% Earned Income Tax from the compensation of all employees, and on a quarterly basis, file a return and remit payment to the tax collector. Findlay Township/West Allegheny School District PSD Code is 731801. This 1% tax revenue collected by
Jordan Tax Service is distributed equally between Findlay Township (0.5%) and the West Allegheny School District (0.5%).

Final year end returns must be filed by all persons subject to the tax on or before April 15th, whether tax is or is not due. Documentation such as W-2's, or proper PA Schedules C, E, F, K-1 or S-Corp must be submitted with the tax return to verify reported income.

Forms can be found on Jordan Tax Service's website or on our forms page - click here 


EFFECTIVE APRIL 1, 2014, all Delinquent Earned Income Tax will be collected by Berkheimer Tax Administrator, under agreement with Findlay Township. 

Local Services Tax

All individuals who work in Findlay Township are required to pay the Local Services Tax for any week they are employed for any amount of time at a location in the Township. The Local Services Tax is a $52 tax levied annually on all persons engaging in an occupation within the geographic boundaries of Findlay Township, including self-employed persons. The tax applies to all persons who work in Findlay Township, regardless of whether or not they live in Findlay Township. Persons who earn less than $12,000 per year are exempt from the tax. An annual up-front certificate must be completed by the employee and submitted to the employer and to Berkheimer Tax Administrator, as Collector.  

Forms can be found on Berkheimer's website or on our forms page - click here

Important Info About 2013 Taxes

Free tax services for senior citizens and low-income families is available at various locations throughout our area as part of the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. VITA volunteers can also assist senior citizens and the disadvantaged in the preparation of Pennsylvania tax returns, Real Estate/Rent Rebate forms, PACE forms, and local wage taxes. Click here for a list of area locations.

Persons seeking assistance should bring all tax documents such as: W-2 forms, interest and dividend statements, pension information, social security and/or railroad retirement statements, total amounts of itemized deductions, and copies of federal and state tax returns from 2013. Participants should also bring copies of real estate tax receipts and sales receipts for large purchase items.

People making $52,000 or less usually qualify for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program for free tax preparation and electronic filing. Tax Counseling for the Elderly, a similar community-based volunteer program, offers free tax help with priority assistance to people age 60 and older, specializing in questions about pensions and retirement issues. Additional information on these programs can be found at

Photo ID is required. If filing a joint return, both parties must be present to sign the paperwork.

To track the status of your refund after filing a return, visit the "Where's My Refund?" tool available on the website. New last year, instead of an estimated date, “Where’s My Refund?” will give people an actual personalized refund date after the IRS processes the tax return and approves the refund.

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